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What’s After What?: The Second Secret to Success

Ready to Learn Another Secret to Success Last week we talked about your What. We revealed that it is the bigger vision that carries you through tough times. During the Visioning workshop, we looked within our hearts to discover the most important thing in our lives...

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What Before How:  A Secret to Success

About a month ago we celebrated the New Year and it’s a time when everyone talks about goals and resolutions. It is a cultural thing. We set our goals/resolutions and the pattern typically goes something like this: At first we are motivated. We get all the things we need to make the change. We make a schedule and start off down the road. Then we are tempted by an old habit or find the new road too hard to travel. We quickly yearn for the old ways. In a short time, we take detours and end back where we started. What happened? No What!

So what’s What? “What” is the bigger vision that carries you through the hard spots and temptations.

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