Life Altering Events & Illness

 A Safe and Accepting Place

When life hands you an event or illness that changes the course of your life, imagine having a safe and accepting place to go for support.  Art + Counseling provides that place.

Life Altering Event and Illness

When life altering events and illness happen, your day-to-day life may have changed significantly.  counseling for life altering events and illnessOften a person feels alone and isolated in dealing with the changes brought about by these events.  Hidden grief often underlies unexplained emotions.  Anger can produce unexpected reactions.  Many women believe that have to  “stand strong” for the family resulting in stuffed emotions and burn-out.  You may have no place to turn to release the fear, anxiety and stress that comes with these changes.

Using conversation and creative expression, you can process what is happening in your life, your vision for the future and the grief that comes with the changes.  At Art + Counseling, we provide a sacred space to heal.

 Mid-Life Transitions

Once we pass age 30, each decade brings new transitions in family, career, and personal identity.  Men and women in mid-life often review the past and wondering what the future holds.  Career goals shift as time passes and experience is gained.   As children grow and leave home, the identity of parent and spouse shifts to a greater focus on personal goals outside the family.  Relationships take on new meaning.  The “empty nest” experience benefits from additional support as you step into new adventures.  It is a time to look at one’s personal uniqueness and create a design for the future.

For women, menopause brings changes in body, mind and spirit.  Lifestyle and diet can impact the hormonal fluctuations during this time and nutritional support is essential.  Many women seek counseling as a way to cope with the impact of menopausal changes.

 Expressive Arts Can Help

Expressive arts therapy provides a means of expression that focuses on the mental, emotional and physical aspects of your journey.  Group therapy provides a place to build a new community of support, share experiences, heal past wounding, build self-esteem, and redefine your self-concept.  Healing life altering events and illnessIt helps you:

  • Normalize life in the face of illness or change
  • Process personal grief and changes in self-concept
  • Learn coping strategies for the stress of life transitions
  • Gain support with pain, side effects, treatment decisions, and medical treatments
  • Preserve your legacy through art


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