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Compassionate, Heart-Centered Therapy for Women

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Mind-Body Energy Therapy

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My Commitment to You

I have walked the path you are on and have the experience to guide you.

I will listen to you, support and challenge you as we walk your path of healing and creating the future you desire.

I will be there every step of the way. You are not alone.

Counseling Options

My passion is working with women as they navigate different phases of life.  I provide individual counseling, hypnotherapy, equine assisted psychotherapy, expressive arts therapy, life coaching, and personal development workshops. We will work together to discover what options work best for you.

I specialize in trauma therapy, anxiety, depression, stress reduction and coping,  life altering events and illness, and challenging life transitions. This includes self esteem, identity and self worth challenges, relationship challenges, time management, work-life balance, personal projects, and professional aspirations. I am culturally sensitive and LGBTQ friendly.

The work of a therapist is to bear witness to the beauty, ugliness, pain, suffering, and joy of the human story. It is am honor for me to bear witness to your healing journey.

Begin Your Healing Journey Today

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Relationship-Based Counseling

Relationship-based counseling is the use of the client-counseor relationship as the foundation to inspire, motivate and facilitate your helang journey.  Our first few sessions are focused on building the therapeutic relationship and creating safety.  

What’ Right With You

I practice the wellness model of counseling – what is “right” versus what is “wrong” with my clients.  This holistic approach focuses less on a diagnosis and more on developing a healthy sense of self in mind, body and spirit, and how this sense of self is expressed through your feelings, thoughts, choices and actions.

Counseling Sessions & Rates

Individual sessions are typically 60 minutes in length.  I accept BCBS, United Healthcare, Paramount, and Meridian insurance and offer a sliding scale of fees for economically challenged individuals without insurance.   All sessions fees and co-pays are paid  by cash, check, or credit card at the time of service.   I am happy to provide a receipt for you to submit to other insurance companies for out of network reimbursement.

Workshops and Groups

In addition to individual counseling, I provide therapy groups and personal development workshops.  Therapy groups are offered to support multiple people with a common need.  Groups meet weekly or bi-weekly.   Workshops are open to any interested individual who wants to expand their knowledge and creative spirit.